Piano Lessons in Roslin & Midlothian

The ability to play and instrument and read music is truly a gift worth having, and I am truly happy to be able to help anyone, young or not so young, to start learning, polish up on their skills, or rediscover forgotten skills and joys.

I teach piano to anyone from the age of 5 (there is no upper age limit!) and will teach any level from absolute beginner to advanced students.

My piano lessons, for beginners in particular, focus heavily on learning to read music notation as well as the physicalities of playing your piano. I encourage students, especially children, to work toward taking exams as they provide a solid goal towards which they can aim, however it is not mandatory to take exams.

Piano lessons in Roslin and Midlothian last either 30 minutes or 1 hour. Lessons are charged at £20 per 30 minutes and £32 per 60 minutes.

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