SURPRISEEveryone who comes to me for lessons, whether piano or singing, comes with their own goals and agendas. This varies from parents either fulfilling a child’s wish or seeing potential in their child, to adults fulfilling their own long held desire to learn music. However, there is a growing trend in those seeking to learn to sing or play the piano with the goal to perform or record as a surprise for a friend or loved one, especially for a special occasion.

I’ve seen parents wanting to express themselves through song for their child’s wedding day. Boyfriends taking up piano lessons so that they might wow their other halves with something they can play just for them. Friends learning new skills so that they can impress their peers.

Don’t be mistaken though in thinking that any surprise you want to make will only require a few lessons – unless you have a lot of background knowledge and learning in place in which case you are most likely just brushing up – in order to be proficient enough with any musical instrument or your own voice to perform takes quite a bit of dedication and commitment.

I’ve had the pleasure of guiding many people to these goals, giving them not only the knowledge but also the confidence to stand up (or sit down!) in front of an audience of friends and family; a task which can easily be much more daunting than performing to an audience of strangers!

Music is an intensely personal form of expression, so if you have pondered learning how to play the piano or brush up on your singing skills just to surprise someone in your life, feel free to contact me and we can start that journey!